Shannon Compressor (Gold Custom)

These are custom units that were made a while back. Smaller footprint than the original. Same modified Orange Squeezer circuit. A pedal that you will leave on all the time to enhance your sound.



The controls are as follows:


The Comp knob adjusts the overall amount of compression.

The Gain knob controls the level of feedback to the compression circuit. It does not add any clipping as the name may imply. Increasing it will soften the attack and produce more squish in the signal. Vary this control at different settings of the Comp knob to achieve the desired "feel" of the compressor.

-Gold Paint Finish w/ Cream amp style knobs

-Overall Dimensions: 4.50" (114mm) L x 2.75" (70mm) W x 2.00" (51mm) H

-True Bypass Footswtich w/ LED indicator

-Power: 9V DC adapter (2.1mm negative tip) or 9V battery