SOLD OUT and no longer available.

Special Edition: 4-knob Helios Overdrive


Smooth amp-like overdrive. This version of the Helios has added versatility by replacing the standard tone knob with controls for bass and treble.


Dial in a full-range clean boost or light overdrive by turning both knobs all the way up. Turn the drive up while backing off on the bass control to tighten up the overdrive. Roll back on the treble control to cut the high end and bring more emphasis on the mids.

-Swirled Brushed Aluminum Finish

-Overall Dimensions: 4.50" (114mm) L x 2.75" (70mm) W x 2.00" (51mm) H

-True Bypass Footswtich w/ LED indicator

-Power: 9V DC adapter (2.1mm negative tip) or 9V battery

-Socketed Opamp